the pacific coast collection

where reality is imagination..

Black Hole Concepts

Black Hole Concepts 

is the first inspiration of the final outcome of

Pacific Coast Collection

which is somewhat a fantasy, a dream,

a comforting time of solace

with gentle breezes upon the face and ocean waves of the

Pacific crashing rocks under a blue sky canopy of God's creation.

Pacific Coast Collection was selected in exact thought of the Pacific Coast Highway.
It was on that highway where the artist experienced a most magnificent journey. A journey that never ended and was eventually transmuted into expression. And now, a wish to chronicle thoughts regarding life's experiences. 

A journey from beginning to end

 "the black hole of time to the revelation of brighter times"

Call it a spiritual journey if you like as the artist does.
If the spirit moves you, Ye shall know why!

Herein, you are invited to witness the merger of
black hole concepts and pacific coast collection

Pacific Coast Collection provides a venue of further exploration & graphic depiction. Since its concept, almost 110 boards containing pieced transition of titled thematic meaningful thoughts. Here are some of the names of what the artist saw and what he felt in the process of design and construction. 

"Internally, they are called albums" WAH

In no specific order, they are:

spirits shield
atrium of life
spirit's chamber
anticipated departure
anniversary of memories
turning my head
renaissance of memories
foolish path
meadow of the mind
three-quarter cottage
the decision
remnants of August
autumn twilight
might be
mystic chant
rinsed fresh
the mind's backdoor
valley home
turned-down day
golden shadow
must be
refreshing plateau
October equinox
leaving footprints
tweeked day
day of birth
prevalent thought
spirit's repose
ancient voice
a brighter day
era of time
yesterday's farm
opening act
picture tube
hidden alms
October harvest
the wall of solace
illuminated passage
lilac ridge
crossing over
memories of a bookstore
endless summer
Hattie's cellar
inducted energy
simple day

Each work contains up to 70 pieces or less. Is made from scratch using a 4' by 8' raw material. All colorations, blends, special effects, double painted sanded works will never be able to be duplicated, even by me. Everything you can imagine might never occur again, even in a general manner.

For those that took the journey of names, I hope your thoughts took you to an elevated spirit for even now, they do me.

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